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***What happens when two of London’s most creatively forward thinking club promoters get angry? They get productive. They get on the phone and they lock down a suitably feral but brilliantly equipped and affordable venue; they hire the most incredible underground talent in town and they say Fuck You! to outrageous door prices.

This isn’t war, it’s evolution and it’s all about the art and the party; not for profit and totally outrageous, #OccupyTheFuture will invade your consciousness with mind blowing performance, bang on point dance innovation, and relentless optimism. Expect the very best from brand new party crews “The Future Now” and “Destroy Culture” all in one place; from serious hot in the press DJ talent to oddball performers that defy description, this bargain basement NYE event is like nothing else out there.

#OccupyTheFuture invokes a future where ideas come first and money supports talent, not shallow brand identity or cult of personality self aggrandisement. #OccupyTheFuture – It’s a stance, in support of our changing culture and the people on the streets demanding change; it’s a loud and visually striking affirmation of what true clubland adventures should be; cheap, creative and completely indefinable. Future-fast-forward, find your fantasy and make it real.***


Angel Rose
KTron ft Buster Bennett
Lily Dean
Skat Injector

Das Boot ( Z-Shed )
Destroy Culture DJs
Jack France
Joe Robots
Josh Lipworth & Si Dhansak
Tim Hilton
Tom Lea (Local Action Records)
Venice Calypso

Free B4 10pm
£5 B4 Midnight
£7 After



Flyer by Shaun Bass
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