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A full sma5h TV archive is going to be uploaded soon, in the meantime just enjoy some of these clips from our Glastonbury performance, probably one of my favourite shows.  

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To get the More Light More Power E.P click here: BANDCAMP  MORE LIGHT MORE POWER: Dystopian experimental rock inspired by the magickal glamour and filth of London. With heavy hearts and diamond eyes they watched the towers fall against ashen skies, the new Kingdom has come and we sit at the feet of a dark empire….  With songs about 9/11, the harrowing reality of class and exclusion in Britain and   Read More ...

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This programme was pitched to me like it could be an award winning documentary on the differing identities and motivations of contemporary musicians. In actuality it was Wife Swap with guitars and far less mainstream exposure! I went into the show with my eyes open, not really thinking that it’d help my career as such, more out of morbid curiosity about television and the way these shows are put together.   Read More ...

Post Sma5h TV and sadly minus programmer Steve Baker, the Kill for Kicks was the next incarnation of the K-tron project, like Sma5h TV before it, the duo played every party in London worth playing, inspiring near anarchy and pissing off doormen wherever they went… ELECTROGOGO: GLASTONBURY – HOUSE OF DOLL (If you watch closely you’ll spot performance artist Scottee dancing with me in the audience.  

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To amuse our patrons we commissioned a series of head pieces based on our smiley face logo; designed by my Goldsmiths buddy Nick Marsh. The results were ridiculous…

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A video for the song Monsters written by notorious K-tron project the “Kill for Kicks” directed by illustrator and film maker Brenda Badchild.  

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All You Can Eat hit NYC hard and weird, taking our very London party to a little dive in Midtown Manhattan was risky, but fun. This is the teaser we used to tempt the NYC revellers. Enjoy, pictures to follow.  

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  Calling All Tribes, the party co-promoted with Buster Bennett was the successor to legendary midweek party Nag Nag Nag. Nag was internationally renowned as one of the most directional experimental parties in the world. This was a tough legacy to live up to, but when C.A.T launched with an explosion of press hype and a roadblock outside the venue we knew we were onto something special. HERE IS A   Read More ...

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