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Behold at the Club at the Ivy was an incredible event to be part of, in association with the Nunnery Galley and Bow Arts, it was also one of the most challenging events I have co-ordinated. Alongside my good buddy and collaborator artist Alana Lake I co-curated and project managed this multimedia mind flip, art directing the Behold brand as an entirely new event concept for Bow Arts. I was   Read More ...

The East End is rather queer. Whatever floats many boats is acceptable here and we love to have ourselves a show! The incredible drag scene in London has long been a feature of our nightlife experience and we wholeheartedly support the creativity of it all. When soundtracking the movie the producers reached out to us for a bit of authentic East End filth and we obliged by licensing Sma5h TV’s   Read More ...

As the years have passed speculation and revisionism has begun about what the scene disastrously dubbed ‘New Rave’ was about and who were the major players. This history changes depends on who you read, but my hefty pressbook  definitely places me at the scene. I was interviewed by The Independent On Sunday with some of the other figureheads to add my appraisal. READ HERE

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This programme was pitched to me like it could be an award winning documentary on the differing identities and motivations of contemporary musicians. In actuality it was Wife Swap with guitars and far less mainstream exposure! I went into the show with my eyes open, not really thinking that it’d help my career as such, more out of morbid curiosity about television and the way these shows are put together.   Read More ...

“This decades Taboo” – i-D Magazine. All You Can Eat was an incredible event; it was a sum of it’s parts, the amazing personalities that turned up, dressed up and occasionally threw up on the dancefloor. It was a hedonistic blast with an idealistic manifesto; to awkwardly clash cultural “tribes”, engender polysexual freedom and to mash-up multimedia, art and new technology entertainingly in a club environment. TO GET THE PRESS   Read More ...

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If you want more of my history check out this in depth interview from the people behind the Goodness Greatness blog: READ THE PIECE CLICK HERE

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This has to be the lamest and most amusing piece in my personal press book, my quote about Kate Moss’s hair is a total fabrication! I enjoyed this day though, especially the lunch I had with Millie Brown afterward in the rather ridiculous look I’d picked for the day.

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I was incredibly flattered to be asked to write the foreword to the modern clubbing section in Blackdog Publishing’s critical analysis of club culture in the last century CLUBKIDS: From speakeasies to Boombox and beyond. It was also an honour to be profiled alongside some of the most interesting and talented characters from the scene, as well as some seminal British club heritage.  CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO EXPAND.

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