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There is only one place I could launch my new k-tron live project; Destroy Culture. The first DC was an unprecedented mindfuck. Genres were wilfully ignored, bodily fluids were spilt and I got that shiver down my spine that tells me “this party is going to be massive” CHECK THE DESTROY CULTURE BLOG FOR THE LOWDOWN ON THE HALLOWEEN SPECIAL.

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  When Orlan, French art icon and one of my favourite women on the planet granted me an interview I was blown away by her vision and intelligence. Here is the article as it appeared in print for your pleasure. CLICK TO ENLARGE.  

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  Calling All Tribes, the party co-promoted with Buster Bennett was the successor to legendary midweek party Nag Nag Nag. Nag was internationally renowned as one of the most directional experimental parties in the world. This was a tough legacy to live up to, but when C.A.T launched with an explosion of press hype and a roadblock outside the venue we knew we were onto something special. HERE IS A   Read More ...

I was incredibly flattered to be asked to write the foreword to the modern clubbing section in Blackdog Publishing’s critical analysis of club culture in the last century CLUBKIDS: From speakeasies to Boombox and beyond. It was also an honour to be profiled alongside some of the most interesting and talented characters from the scene, as well as some seminal British club heritage.  CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO EXPAND.

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