This programme was pitched to me like it could be an award winning documentary on the differing identities and motivations of contemporary musicians. In actuality it was Wife Swap with guitars and far less mainstream exposure!

I went into the show with my eyes open, not really thinking that it’d help my career as such, more out of morbid curiosity about television and the way these shows are put together. It was a trip; albeit a frustrating, far to early in the morning and not edited in my favour trip. Unfortunately due to being jet lagged from doing AYCE in New York and getting sick on the plane I was a truly miserable f**k for most of the time we were penned in with the boy band; lets just say I didn’t play the game they wanted for good TV. ¬†Theo Adams¬†however was bang on form and deservedly stole the show, his effect on the boy band, Code 5, was fairly hilarious.

Here is the BBC clip they used to promote our episode, needless to say the You Tube comments were rather fruity…

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